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The Minimalist

The Minimalist

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Have you been looking for the perfect everyday carry item that can get you out of the woods alive? Well look no further! We here at Calculated Survival have you covered with "The Minimalist."

The Minimalist is the first ever Survivorcord bracelet. Survivorcord has fishing line, snare wire, and a waterproof tinder strand along with another 6 nylon strands giving it a breaking strength of 620 pounds! The waterproof tinder strand lights easily with the ferrocerium rod and striker included in the buckle. The buckle also has a compass, whistle, two #6 fish hooks, extra fishing line, and enough water purification tablets to purify 3 quarts of water!

That 3/4 inch long ferro rod that comes with every paracord bracelet was never any good without decent tinder. And let's face it, when you find yourself in a life threatening emergency, you need all the help you can get. And you probably got into that situation because conditions were not ideal. So make your situation more ideal, with "The Minimalist."

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