Manufacturer and Seller of Hiking, Camping, and Survival Equipment and Apparel

Our goals are to help others with outdoor adventuring, emergency survival, and to get through disaster events. Since Covid struck, people have gone outdoors on a much larger scale than we have seen in over 25 years. There are more disasters such as storms, floods, fires, mass power outages, and the Geo-Political climate is a mess. Hiking, camping, and emergency disasters have become way more prevalent and will continue to escalate. Most people are ill equipped to get themselves through times of emergencies for a multitude of reasons. We developed a simple 4 pillar approach to survival and that is FATE (Fitness, Attitude, Training, and Equipment). This basic pillar system called FATE was developed at Calculated Survival by Army veterans, police, expert survivalists, and engineers. Do you want to put your fate in someone or something else’s hands or do you want to control your own FATE? Find your FATE.


2022-05-30 – Bringing awareness of veterans battling depression.

2022-05-29 – The Calculated Survival Team is going on a 22 mile ruck with 22 lbs. on their back to raise awareness for the 22 veterans who commit suicide every day.

2022-03-31 – We are now Licensed Resellers of Cascade Gear, the makers of the LifeStraw Product.

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