100 years ago, almost everyone learned survival skills because it is how they lived.

50 years ago, a lot of people learned survival skills because they occasionally needed it.

Today, not many people learn survival skills because they don’t think they need it. If people lose electricity for a day, they panic. If they don’t have their phone, they become anxious. If the internet should fail, it is a crisis.

Tomorrow could bring no electricity, no cell phone, and no internet due to storms, floods, fires, or geopolitical climates.

How will you survive? Will you hide yourself in your home and wait for the lights to come back on? Will your world come to a halt, hoping it will start again when someone throws the switch.


Will you have FATE… the Fitness, Attitude, Training, and Equipment to not only survive but thrive in those times of unplanned emergencies.

It will not be an excuse that it was not foreseeable. The news is all around us.

Learning survival skills is like borrowing money. When you don’t need it, you can get it. When you need it, no one will give it to you.

Make sure you are ready for yourself, your family, and your friends by having the 4 Pillars of Survival Success. Take control of your FATE.

    Fitness – Fitness means the ability to physically overcome the challenges in emergency situations. Fitness is both strength and endurance. You can control your fitness by simply exercising correctly. We are developing an exercise program that will help you with both strength and endurance and it is called “Get the Ruck Up”. This program utilizes a rucksack aka backpack to be your total gym. You can use any rucksack and we will be posting regular exercise videos so you can train as often as you like. Your warm up and warm down is a short walk/hike to your favorite spot or area for fitness. Our goal is help you go faster, longer and stronger.

    Attitude – There is no argument that a big part of survival is the right attitude. Attitudes can be learned and trained. A right attitude will help you in all aspects of life to include survival, business, and personal relationships. The easiest way to get a good attitude is change your perspective. For example, whether you are having a good day or a bad day is on how you perceive the day. Most “bad days” are really not bad days and they also probably brought you strength, intelligence, and appreciation – they are learning moments. The feeling of overcoming obstacles, building something, solving a problem, or bettering ourselves releases dopamine and other positive hormones such as serotonin, endorphins and oxytocins. Just imagine how many opportunities that you missed of gaining the positive hormones because your perception was negative and therefore creating cortisol and other health threatening hormones.

    Our mission is to help you train yourself to become more positive and confident through change of perception, confidence building, self-reinforcement, acuity, and actual awareness.

    We will be posting videos, articles, and stories supporting a strong positive attitude. Our attitude forum will be for people to share stories, ask for help, and to help others.

    Training – Training is education, skill, and knowledge to be able to survive in an emergency or disaster situation. We will be posting survival videos and tips regularly. These videos will teach land navigation, shelter building, fire building, trapping, fishing… The more you learn how to survive, the more energy you will conserve. We encourage feedback and questions. We are providing you with a library of videos on surviving and living outdoors as well as in emergency situations at home.

    Equipment – Our Calculated Survival team is dedicated to innovating, designing, and providing high quality and effective survival, camping and hiking equipment. We know that everything becomes exponentially easier with the right equipment. We test all of our products rigorously and in all types of environments. We want to make sure that any product we sell does not fail you when you need it most.