About Us

Our Origin Story

Our story begins with six people from different walks of life coming together for some drinks and light conversation. We had an Army Ranger, a Mechanical Engineer, a Survivalist, a Biomedical Engineer, a Cop, and a NASA Graybeard. Yes, we said a NASA Graybeard. What everyone had in common was their love of outdoor exploration, the wild, and survival. Most of us, also love rum. As the night went on, and the bottle grew lighter, the Survivalist asked the Ranger what his survival tool of choice was. The Engineers asked the Survivalist what the biggest challenges were in the wild. The Cop told stories of people lost, people found, and people not found. The NASA Graybeard offered sage advice. What transpired that night was a culmination of knowledge, education, and experience which came together to form a company designed to help save lives. We seek to do this through education, innovative products, and the motivation to survive in any of life’s situations. At the end of the night, Calculated Survival was born and our story now unfolds.


Calculated Survival
Our logo is an axe crossed with a torch encircled by the Norse compass. The axe symbolizes survival and utility. The torch, which resembles both the US Army’s Pathfinder and Olympics torch, symbolizes the light or flame that leads the path to knowledge, awareness and the destination sought. The Norse compass was used by Viking Seafarers to find their way home and it also has a deeper meaning of a compass to use in life to find one’s direction and purpose. We believe that surviving is both a physical and mental skill. Not only do you need the tools to survive, but you need the will. Calculated Survival provides the tools, guidance and inner strength to not only survive the wild but also to survive the world.