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Poncho Liner aka Woobie

Poncho Liner aka Woobie

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Girlfriends, boyfriends, lovers, and even spouses will come and go. The one relationship that will last forever is the one you will have with your woobie, aka poncho liner. The poncho liner became military issue to soldiers starting in 1960 and has certainly became the favorite issued item to field soldiers since then to present. The woobie has a nylon shell with polyester filling for warmth and measures approximately 92 inches by 63 inches. It has tie cords to attach to a poncho for a water resistant shell. The woobie is a great blanket/companion for moderate cold weather and warmer. Once you feel the soft silkiness of the woobie, you will never want another blanket. Woobie is great for camping, sleeping and Netflix and chill. Calculated Survival offers 3 different patterns: Woodland, OCP/Multicam, and Arctic. Yes, we said Arctic. The only thing more elusive than the Arctic woobie is the Arctic snow snake. Buy yours and whoever else is in your life a woobie because if you don't, you will find that yours will go missing.

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