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Calculated Survival Flashlight Beacon

Calculated Survival Flashlight Beacon

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Trustfire MC1 Flashlight

One of the most important survival or everyday tools that everyone should own is a high quality multi-use flashlight. We have tested hundreds of flashlights and the Trustfire MC1 equipped with our light dispersion tube is the Calculated Survival choice. This flashlight is USB rechargeable, has 3 settings from 1,000 lumens to 15 lumens, is waterproof, has a strobe feature, and a magnetic back. It is perfect for everyday carry because of its small size of just over 2 inches. Its strong magnetic back is extremely useful for when you are working and need a hands free light or if you have a vehicle breakdown and need to attach it to your roof as a signal beacon. It also comes with a clip so you can attach it to your hat or clothing to act like a headlight. The most lifesaving quality of this flashlight is its beacon/strobe quality. This flashlight, when equipped with our dispersion tube, acts like a high powered beacon so if you ever get lost, trapped, or in a vehicle accident, rescuers can quickly find you. This flashlight is a must have for every vehicle owner, hiker, and camper to put in their center console, backpack, or pocketbook. See our videos for life saving tips, product demonstrations, and practical uses.

Plan to survive, refuse to die.

Flashlight Dispersion Tube

This is Calculated Survival's innovation custom made to fit our flashlight. This enables our flashlight to act as a high powered beacon to signal for help as it not only allows it to act as a strobe up in the sky, but also disperses the light out to the sides. This enables more people to see you from greater distances and from every angle. If you are lost in the trails, have wandered off the camp site, or simply need help, this device will enable people to find you quicker and easier whether from the ground or in the air. This also works great if you have a vehicle break down as the flashlight has a magnetic bottom that attaches to the roof of your car and immediately becomes a warning signal for other drivers. This tube comes standard on all of our flashlights.

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