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Calculated Survival

Basic Survival Pack

Basic Survival Pack

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Weighing in at 1 pound and 6 ounces, our basic survival kit is a no bullshit, complete survival kit that will come through for you in any wilderness emergency. Designed and tested by ex-special forces and our own wilderness survival skills expert, this is the survival kit you want to back you up in any wilderness survival situation. Put one in your car, take it camping, hiking, biking and just don't leave home without it. This pack is small enough to fit in or on any of your camping or hiking packs (or even a larger sized purse) and contains all of the basic essentials you will need in an emergency situation with no added cheap gimmicks. One of the first things we put in our pack was our Calculated Survival water filtration straw with an activated carbon filter. It consists of filters with a 0.1 micron pore size. It removes 99.99999% of harmful substances (pollution, odor, chlorine, and organic chemicals). Ultralight and durable, the Calculated Survival water filtration straw weighs less than 2 ounces (46 g) so you can pack it anywhere. Long-lasting membrane microfilter lasts up to 1,320 gallons (5,000 L) of water - enough drinking water to last an individual for over 5 years! We have also packed a bladder which can hold 36 ounces of water which is perfect for storing found water and is easy to drink from by using the Calculated Survival water filtration straw. There is also a mylar poncho that keeps you dry and warm. The unique stretchable mylar reflects 90% of your body heat back to you and resists tearing which is a common problem with space blankets. A penlight flashlight to use for illumination when it's dark. A whistle with built-in compass to help signal for help and to help you navigate (check out our Land Navigation YouTube Playlist). A small signal mirror to also aid you in signaling for aerial help. A magnesium and ferrocerium firestarter to be able to start a fire to keep you warm and cook your food, even boil water. Redundancy is sometimes the key to survival so we also included a Bic lighter to easily start a fire. Also included is Cold Steel's Kudu Lite 4 1/4" folding knife made of 5CR15MOV steel. We understand accidents are not planned and happen unexpectedly, so we included 20 grams of BleedStop for treating anything from minor to major lacerations. Lastly, 5 fish hooks and 50ft. of survival/parachute cord are included which can be used for gathering food, building shelter, amongst a myriad of other uses. Our survival cord has fishing line and a waterproof tinder strand in the cord itself, simply pull it out to use. Don't get stuck in an emergency situation without our survival kit. Plan to Survive, Refuse to Die.

Pack contains:

Small zippered pouch with two Calculated Survival patches

Calculated Survival Water Filtration Straw

Bladder (36 oz)

Mylar poncho

Penlight flashlight

Whistle with built-in compass

Signal mirror

Magnesium and ferrocerium firestarter

Bic lighter

20 grams BleedStop

Small Cold Steel Kudu Lite Folding knife

Fish hooks

50 ft. of survival/parachute cord

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