What is Your FATE

Can you make fire with out matches or a lighter? Yes No
Do you exercise at least 3 times per week?
Do you exercise at least 5 times per week?
Do you own a survival pack?
Can you butterfly stitch a wound?
Do you know your pace count?
Can you do at least 30 military pushups if male or 15 if female in one set?
Do you know what a declination diagram is?
Do you own a hiking back pack / ruck?
Have you camped outside 1 night in the last year?
Do you know how to make a water filter in the woods?
Have you walked, jogged or ran 5 miles in one day in the last year?
Do you own an emergency first aid kit?
Did you know that hypothermia starts to set in when body temp reaches 95 degrees?
Do you feel helpless when you have no cell phone?
Do you celebrate your small victories daily?
Could you walk 12 miles today and not be sore or tired?
Have you gotten frustrated and physically shown that frustration with either words or
actions in the last 7 days?
Are you considered a patient person?
Do you own a good quality knife or other bladed item that you can carry on you?
Do you know how to sharpen a knife?
Do you own broken in hiking boots?
Are you short of breath after walking 3 flights of stairs?
Do you get upset when some else is in control?
Do you have a fear of being alone?
Do you take elevator or stairs?
Can most people be trained?
Do you own a compass with degrees on it? (If you don’t know if your compass has degrees,
the answer is no)
Do you get frustrated and try to get rid of someone who is not pulling their weight?
Do you own a personal solar panel?
When placed in a leadership position, do you expect everyone to follow you?
Can you hold a plank for 3 minutes?
Do you own a flashlight that has over 500 lumens and a strobe setting? (If you have to check
your flashlight, the answer is no)
Will you sit and wait for a parking spot to open instead of parking further away?
Does human loss debilitate you?
Do you own a UHF radio?
Do you own a lifestraw or have water purifying tabs?
Can you make an animal trap with natural materials?
Do you have a waterproof lighter?
Can you run a mile in less than 8 mins? (If you don’t know the answer, then it is no)