Calculated Survival Norse Throwing Hatchet


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The patented Calculated Survival Norse Throwing Hatchet is our bearded blade with a piercing spike on the opposing side. While it is does not have a second hatchet head, it does have the ability to stick on the reverse side.

Our hatchets are made out of 8cr14mov stainless steel a glass filled nylon handle. They are only available through Calculated Survival or at select axe throwing arenas. Check out our videos and photos that demonstrate its extreme effectiveness in hitting and sticking to the target.

Blade length: 4″

Weight: 1lb 2oz

Overall length: 16″

12 Comments on “Calculated Survival Norse Throwing Hatchet

  1. I think it’s awesome but with short range contact I’d definitely sharpen the handle’s tip to account for another kill-end.
    Nice axe though!

  2. Love the design…BUT, I’ve had a few SOG tomahawks and the first thing I did was throw it and break the handle off, which makes it useless. I got some cheaper no name brand full steel tang throwing tomahawks that work, but they don’t have the ability to stick at any angle like yours.
    If you could make a full tang version or a cheaply, easily replaceable handle, I’d be sold, but I think the full tang would be better.
    Would also like to see a solid blade cover that could attach to a belt or molle loops and could quickly be brought into action.

    • Hey buddy. Just chipping in my 2 cents worth of experience… the handle on these hawks ARE NOT GOING TO BREAK… It is the exact same handle used on M48 tactical tomahawk sold by BudK. I own the M48, and I’ve TORTURED it… the handle will get chewed up and gouged and scratched but has not broken. SUPER BONUS: …. Last I checked BudK sold replacement handles!! For the odd case of say your Rottweiler gets ahold of it and uses the handle for a chew toy…. honestly I bet Calculated Survival has access to replacements as well… glass fiber reinforced polymer resin…. *it just doesn’t Crack or snap…. like ever… *as far as I know…

  3. I’ve not thrown a hatchet in some time but I love doing it. Was taught years ago by an old mountain man at a rendezvous. Some one stole my ax and I really need a new one. The one I have now is too heavy. Think I’ll get myself one of your for Christmas. How well do your handles hold up?
    Have a sharp day.
    Butch Cassidy
    Heflin Alabama

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