A Tribute to Badasses

Click on one of the bad ass stories below to see whose actions have become mostly lost to time. Leave us suggestions of other badasses who you think deserve a tribute and should be included next in our lineup.

  • Night Witches
    Imagine standing outside at night, the only light available coming from the stars and moon above. This only provided enough illumination to be able to see a couple of feet in front of you. Then you see a shadow cast over the moon, further…
  • Marie Curie
    Stay tuned for a shirt and story about this extremely sharp-witted and intelligent woman who gave her life to advance the world of science
  • Norse Shield Maidens
    Stay tuned for a shirt and story about these badass women who were the fearsome women warriors of the Viking age and who are rumored to be the origin for the tales of Valkyries in Norse mythology