Norse Shield Maidens

Stay tuned for a shirt and story about these badass women who were the fearsome women warriors of the Viking age and who are rumored to be the origin for the tales of Valkyries in Norse mythology

5 Comments on “Norse Shield Maidens

  1. For a woman/teen in that era it may have been smart to be a warrior despite danger because as a female civilian her risk of death in pregnancy and childbirth was very high, and low status. I wonder if her bravery brought respect from male soldiers. Perhaps her bravery and confidence enabled her to prevent men from subjugating her when back in her village?

    • probably there was no dedicated soldier, male or female, but a time where brave people went on a break of regular life, and made the life of everyone a living hell. So, very likely they still bore children.

  2. Actually there are very few historical attestations for shield maidens. There is little doubt that there were female warriors (grave finds prove that) but as a movement? Nope. They were few and far between despite what TV would have us believe.

  3. I fought competition and exhibition as a female mercenary in Kansas and other states. Sword and archery, even tried dirt bike jousting. (ouch) I would NOT purchase this shirt because it shows some guy lounging front and center while the Battle Bit@hes are background filler. Nope nope nope.

    • Hi Demons Bane, this is not the design of the shirt. The shirt design hasn’t been decided yet. This is just a filler picture which was found on Google. Once this post is finished, there will be an entirely new graphic, and we hope it will be one that you and many others will appreciate.

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